5 Essential Items For Spring

Jump into spring with statement items you can incorporate into your wardrobe all season long. 

Photo Credit: Instagram

The first signs of rebelling against winter is ditching the tights and long pants for more bare-legged styles and short sleeved ensembles. This spring the essentials are taking on a new form of must haves. We’ve rounded up the 5 items that apply to every girl on- the- go.  Here are 5 basic essentials for your spring wardrobe.

A Stylish Trench Coat Think outside of the trench coat silhouette and choose a spring jacket that is light and full of life.  A sleeveless coat is great for layering and easy to wear for those forthcoming warmer days. 

A Pair of Canvas Sneakers : Canvas or leather slip-on sneakers make the whole “sneakers with a dress”  trend a la the #cozygirl movement come to life. They are easy to wear and you can pass for casual in  workplace environments.


A Silk Scarf :  This spring season, it’s all about embracing the the elegant side french style and your hair will be thanking you. So make that trip to your local 5-star yelp review consignment shoppe to purchase a cheap silk scarf. Whether worn tied around your neck or your head, trust that, it will transform your everyday black on black outfit into a unique “I like art” type of look for your next tinder profile picture.

A Wide Leather Belt or Bustier: Still about that waist trainer lifestyle? A wide leather belt or bustier that fits and sucks up your midsection and waist will be your secret weapon.  Wear it with a loose fitted dress or a white collar shirt.  

A Denim Skirt: Perhaps the most exciting garment to make a comeback…