Fall Hair Trends With Keith Campbell

JET magazine caught up with superstar hair stylist and Dark and Lovely spokesperson Keith Campbell to get the latest hair trends for the fall. Check out Campbell’s top picks:

Cute Cuts: “People are getting really confident, all of these A-listers are cutting their hair,” he says. “I believe others will follow suit. Bobs are timeless. Short pixies are great too.”

Killer Combos: “Adding color with a sharp cut is something I’ve been endorsing for years. Hues adds life. Plus, color and cut marry really well. It’s like a ballerina and her shoes,” says the stylist. “Remember, it doesn’t have to be an extreme color, like blonde or red. It can be a nice warm color, like chocolate brown.”

Live Inside the Box: “Box braids will also be popular,” he predicts. “People want to put their hair away, and options. Plus, helps the hair grow.” The master stylist offers a few suggestions for those trying out this trend:

“If you want to do the top-knot, make sure the length of your braids is a little past your bra strap, that gives you versatility. When it comes to hair, I suggest a custom blend of synthetic and human hair fro the braids. It gives the best texture and look. Last, don’t leave them in longer than six weeks tops.”

Bob and Weave: “Short bob weaves are fun and it looks natural,” he says. “The key is make sure to get a custom blend of hair that is close to your hair texture. You don’t want hair that’s too smooth and will tangle. Last, it should have elasticity, so it won’t shed.”

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