Experiencing Atlanta on a Budget

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It’s summertime and the living is easy — the perfect time to escape the hustle and bustle of life and get away for a much needed vacay. Low on funds? I got you. Check out how I pulled off a weekend exploring Atlanta that didn’t hurt my wallet.

What makes a road trip? The actual time spent on the road. I took a Megabus to Atlanta. Yes, I know it’s a long ride, and most people wouldn’t be down for such a thing. But, if you have the time and looking to spare a dime, this may be the perfect choice for you. Most of my time was spent sleeping and catching up on reading, which are two things I never seem to do at home. Can’t beat that with a stick.


The Artmore Hotel

Instead of staying at a popular hotel chain, I opted for The Artmore Hotel, which is a cute little boutique hotel in Midtown with a retro flair. Living up to its name, The Artmore a variety of vintage art and images throughout the hotel. There’s even a outdoor quad in the middle of the hotel, which is used for a bonfire, drinks and great conversation every night. Of course I took advantage. The Artmore is officially my favorite.



Who hasn’t eaten at Gladys Knight’s Signature Chicken and Waffles in Atlanta? We all have, but I was in the mood for something new. After doing my research, I stumbled across Paschal’s. After learning that Dr. King used to eat at Paschal’s back in the day, I wanted nothing more than to visit this historic venue. The decor in Paschal’s pays tribute to MLK and Atlanta’s rich history, but even better, the food was on point! It was so good, y’all. And of course I HAD to have an iced tea with lemonade. It’s the Southern way! 🙂

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

The King Center

The King Center

Looking for something adventurous and FREE to do? Of course you are, and I was too, so I went hiking on Stone Mountain. The workout left me feeling accomplished, and the view from the top is beautiful. I also visited The King Center, which is a perfect choice for the entire family. It’s powerful to sit in the church where Dr. King and his father preached, or tour MLK’s birth house. Powerful — and free.

Last but not least, ever wonder where some of Atlanta’s greatest talents started? Apache Cafe is the spot. I went on a Saturday night to the “Grown and Poetic” open mic hosted by Atlanta artist “Where Is Pro.” It’s $10 to sit and $10 to spit. Not bad to enjoy original lyrics among Atlanta’s next OutKast or B.O.B. Not bad at all.

Traveling out of town this summer? How do you plan to spend on a dime?

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