Easy Ways To Keep Your Favorite Sneakers Fresh AF

Vashtie Kola, Lucky Magazine 2015

Save them from the trash. 

Nowadays, it’s basically cool to wear dirty sneakers to work and to the club, but what happens when you need to freshen them up? Who else has a closet full of their favorite sneakers that they can’t seem to part with? We got you.

Simple ways to keep your kicks looking good

No matter what your hipster friends say, leather and suede sneakers require a bit of  TLC. These aren’t Vans; they don’t get better by the dirt stain. Grab a sturdy shoe box, here are few items you’ll need in your sneaker cleaning box.


Tip #1 : Get a dedicated brush Set

Whether it’s a dollar store tooth brush or actual sneaker cleaning kit, the right tools will help keep your favorite white Air Forces or Yeezys fresh AF.

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Tip #2: Keep a spray bottle of alcohol

So you thought it was funny to write on your boyfriend’s Adidas Stan Smiths, and need to get the pen marks out? No problem. Rubbing alcohol will remove any pen marks from any white ( or light) leather sneakers. They make them brighter, too!

Tip #3: Don’t pile them on top of other shoes

Sometimes, the stains or marks happen in storage. Shoes that are piled on top of each other are likely to get scuffed and marked up even more. Avoid storing your sneakers in a shoe basket.  Keeping the original shoe box is a good way to maintain your growing sneaker collection.

Tip #4: Pick up your damn feet!

Have you ever head of the sneaker head walk? It’s kind of like a duck walk and each foot is carefully picked up and placed on the ground. LOL. In general, dragging your feet while you walk is automatically scuffing up the soles and the front of your shoes. So don’t do that!

Tip #5: Clean off your sneaker after each wear

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Use a brush and some 409 spray or a bottle of water and vinegar after each wear.  Alternatively, invest in a shoe conditioner.  There are so many sneaker conditioners on the market.

Tip #6: Wear socks

The sweat from your feet will cause your shoes to get funky. Wearing socks soaks up the extra perspiration.

Pocket Shoe Horn via

Tip #7: Use a shoe horn

Invest in a shoe horn because it’s a game changer. It prevents you from having to jam your foot sole into shoes that can at the very least wrinkle the back of your sole, thus ruining the sneaker’s design qualities.  Also, over time, jamming your foot in sneakers can cause blisters on the back of your ankles, ouch!