Whoa Der: Woman Spends $25,000 on Son’s Dubai-Themed Prom

Okay …we all know that folks can go all out for their baby’s prom. But hold thee hell up.

According to USA TODAY, one Philadelphia mom took her son’s prom to a whole other level. Like the level of $25,000 spent on his sendoff and a camel type a level.

Saudia Shuler thought about sending her only son to Dubai for a visit, but decided to bring Dubai to Philly instead.

Shuler reportedly ordered three tons of sand, exotic cars and custom-made gowns for not one, not two, but all three of her son Johnny’s dates. Oh, in addition to the camel–yes you read right–Johnny had THREE different outfits for the special occasion.

Oh my.

So if you happen to have been residing or passing through Shuler’s neighborhood, you would have undoubtedly seen an actual camel and sand on the street last week.

I said I was bringing Dubai the fuck to North Philly. 👳👳👳👳👳 SonSon @jjedenjr you deserve it

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My son so thurl . You the shit son @jjedenjr . All I asked for was straight AAAAAAA all Ur life and u sis that . 😜😜😜😂

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Shuler said her son deserved it all.

“I was just trying to pay honor to my son, because he is such a good kid,” she told CBS Philly. “He did everything I required of him, throughout his whole entire life from first grade all the way up to 12th grade straight A’s but always get a B in something dumb like gym.”

Shuler says Johnny Eden plans to attend Delaware State in the fall, possibly on a basketball scholarship. He played at Simon Gratz in Philadelphia.