Drakes New OVO Owl Chain Costs $120,000

He has so many chains, he wants you to call him Channing Tatum.

Rapper Drake has announced his latest purchased of a $120, ooo OVO Owl Chain by celebrity jeweler Ben Baller. His new piece is solid gold and is a reportedly 40 carats of ice blue, canary and white VVS diamonds. There’s also some pink sapphire sprinkled into the wings of the own and Hermes link chain. Overall, it’s a beautiful piece of gold and will blind you if you look at it directly. Seriously.

The More Life rapper has been celebrating more life. His album is currently at #1 on the charts and has over 250 million streams. So, obviously, the rapper wanted to reward himself. Though, this isn’t the rapper’s first jewelry gift this year. In February, Ben Baller actually gifted Drake with a $100,000 chain in the shape of a medallion. According to Ben Baller’s company blog,  the necklace weighs about 880 grams and “was inspired by Drake’s Stone Island compass logo and features a reference to Drake’s tour with the words “The Boy On Tour.”  Now, that’s  rewards program!

Check out the details: