Drake Went To His Cousin’s Prom Send – Off

Champagne Papi does the prom. 

Because Drake didn’t really feel like going to his own Prom, he crashed his little cousins. Back when he couldn’t get people to show up to his gigs, he didn’t have the best prom experience.

A prom send off is the unofficial prom experience for any black America teenage, it’s the event before the big dance. Family and friends gather to hype their teen up, and it’s amazing.

Here is Drake at his cousin’s prom.


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Drake always looks good in all black.

In what is the biggest swindle of all time, Drake hops in an epic send- off  pic looking like a smooth Papi in an all black outfit that is accented with gold jewelry. Meanwhile, if we were her date, we would be so nervous about taking this Princess to the prom.

As one Instagram user commented:

heeeynaatieyou’re date looks all upset it’s like drake fucked up his chances of gettin some tonight

That’s real.

Who’s prom send-off was better? Yours or Jalaah’s?