Dove Hair Launches #LoveYourCurls Initiative

I’ve always admired my friends with natural curls and love the sense of freedom it exudes. I remember as a child, playing in my mother’s hair and being fixated on the way it maintained it’s wavy-curl pattern no matter what. My hair, though without chemical, is straight, and it feels like me, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having friendly hair envy over two of my co-workers bi-textual manes. I enjoy the flow of straight hair and the creativity and cultural feel of curly.

For quite some time bloggers such as CurlyNikki, The Monroe Sisters and products like Kinky-Curly have raised the conversation on hair texture and embracing your curls. More than a trend, it’s become a lifestyle and empowering choice for many.

Extending the conversation to a mainstream space, Dove Hair launched the #LoveYourCurls campaign encouraging women to embrace their natural curls with additional hopes of delivering a positive impact to the next generation.

Supporting their campaign with attractive research and statistics, there is wonder if now that a corporate brand is spreading an identifiable message in support of natural hair, will the natural vs.straight debate see an end?

Watch the campaign video below and feel free to share your stories on hair and identity in the comments and social media. Find us: @GetJETMAG