Documentary on Jeans Explores Fashion’s Denim Obsession

Levi’s 501 Jeans, to Sean John and skinny leg Balmain jeans. Ooh la la. 

Just about everyone owns a pair of  blue jeans because they will always be style and always an necessity. According to the new documentary BLUE GOLD: AMERICAN JEANS,  the average consumer spends over $450 MILLION on jeans EVERY YEAR. In 2014, Levi’s was selling at least $80 thousand per email marketing promotion. Their best selling 501 Jeans were alway selling out; and probably still are as this one style of jeans literally never goes on sale!

Now available on Amazon and iTunes “BLUE GOLD: AMERICAN JEANS”  is the must-see new documentary focusing on the phenomenon of the biggest worldwide fashion statement in history.

The documentary features interviews with fashion icons & musicians such as Tommy Hilfiger, Isaac Mizrahi, Daymond John ( co founder of FUBU and Shark Tank Judge), Daryl Hall, Marky Ramone, Judy Collins, and the “Godfather of Jeans” & founder of Diesel Adriano Goldschmied – “BLUE GOLD: AMERICAN JEANS” tells the history of jeans – from the American West to the beginning of Levi Strauss, through the 70s designer jeans phenomenon and expansion across the world – as well as the cultural impacts they have had on rock & roll and hip hop. We also follow jeans hunter and vintage expert Eric Schrader as he travels globally showing why jeans are the most desired and fetished piece of clothing around.