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Nick Cannon On Staying Healthy

Welcome to Doctors’ Notes, our contribution from Urban Health correspondents (and husband and wife) physicians Dr. Rob and Dr. Karla Robinson.  The dynamic duo will be fielding questions about health, as it relates to African Americans.  Please feel free to send them questions via talkback@jetmag.comWe promise to keep it anonymous. 


As a successful, multi-faceted entertainer, Nick Cannon is on a mission to educate everyone about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.  After a recent diagnosis of lupus in 2012, Cannon says that he is healthier than ever.  The actor-comedian admitted he was the “typical male” who hated going to the doctor before his diagnosis, but now he is committed to helping others maintain their health. Below, he shares some sound advice on how to do just that.

JET:  What do you want to say to other young males out there who may think they are invincible or that they don’t need to be concerned with their health?

Nick Cannon:  Put your ego aside and get a check up regularly!

JET:  Tell us about your recent mission to increase awareness about being flu-ready.

NC:  As a performer and father of two young children, I’m constantly traveling and on the go. I simply can’t afford to let cold and flu symptoms slow me down, especially when I’m working or taking care of my family. I know how tough it can be to have the flu so I wanted to do something to help everyone get flu-ready this season. That’s why I decided to team up with the makers of Theraflu® on the Fluprint™ program, a five-step action plan to help you and others get flu-ready this season.

JET:  What motivated you to do this campaign?

NC: I was very drawn to the charitable component of the program because for every “Like” on the Theraflu® Facebook page, the makers of Theraflu® will donate $1 up to $100,000 to national nonprofit organization Families Fighting Flu.  They’ll use the money to help people in need.  And that’s something that I can really get behind.

JET:  The flu can be a serious illness especially for those with lupus and other chronic diseases. What steps are you taking to prevent the flu this year?

NC: I always try to be cautious by steering clear of sick family and friends, especially during cold and flu season, and taking other precautions like having hand sanitizer with me and avoiding touching my face. I also make sure to get enough rest so that my immune system stays strong.  I’m also a supporter of the annual flu shot. I’ve gotten it in the past and think it’s a good way to help people get flu-ready and to protect others, too.

JET:  What do you want people to know about the flu and why it’s important to be flu-ready?

NC:  Not everyone realizes that every year, the flu strikes up to 20 percent of people across the country, and more than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized for flu-related complications annually. That’s why I’m lending my voice – to raise awareness so that people can protect themselves, their families and other people that they care about.

JET:  Aside from promoting flu awareness, what other projects are your working on?

Nick Cannon:  I have a ton of NCredible things on the horizon in film and television, and I am the ambassador for the consumer electronic show in Las Vegas this coming January. I am very passionate about technology and I have products in this space so I’m very excited for the future.

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