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5 Tips To Beat Dry Skin This Winter

Welcome to Doctors’ Notes, our contribution from Urban Health correspondents (and husband and wife) physicians Dr. Rob and Dr. Karla Robinson.  The dynamic duo will be fielding questions about health, as it relates to African Americans.  Please feel free to send them questions via talkback@jetmag.comWe promise to keep it anonymous. 



With the winter season comes so many things we love about the holidays including spending time with family and friends. But alongside the cold, dry air also come the battle with cracked, brittle and “ashy” skin.

Many of us this time of year can relate to having skin so dry that we could give a fish a run for its money with our scales. Or perhaps you have lips so white and cracked that they burn like fire.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer with the dry skin blues this year.

Here are five tips to making sure you have moist skin this winter, and soft, kissable lips for the New Year:

#1. Turn Down For What?…Your Skin! Taking baths and showers with water temperatures that are too hot can lead to drier skin in the winter. Next time you get ready to cleanse your skin, make sure you turn down the temperature and use warm water instead of hot water.

#2. Moisturize While Moist. This is a key step to having soft skin that many fail to perform. Immediately after bathing/showering and each time you wash your hands, apply a moisturizer while the skin is still slightly wet. This will help to prevent chronically dry, ashy skin by trapping existing moisture in the skin.

#3. Oils and Ointments Are Optimal. Oils and ointments tend to be absorbed into the skin better than creams and lotions which have a tendency to sit on top of the skin. This leads to moisture that is longer lasting and more effective. Great oils to consider include olive oil, coconut oil, and almond oil if not allergic.

#4. Look In Your Pantry. Home remedies are a great way to keep your skin soft and supple. Avocados are high in vitamin A and antioxidants that enhance the skin, honey serves as a great moisturizer and humectant, aloe vera gel has a soothing property for dry or irritated skin, and milk can serve as an exfoliant- removing dead skin cells that lead to dry, itchy skin.

#5. For Luscious Lips Take This Tip. The biggest mistake that people make when they notice dry lips is to lick them. This not only dries them out further, but can lead to a painful inflammatory condition known as dermatitis. For soft and supple lips, make sure to apply a protective balm or moisturizing ointment before going out in cold temperatures.

It’s a health thing…we’ve got to understand!

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