The Love That DJ Khaled Has for His Son Is Just Too Cute

Everyone loves DJ Khaled’s son, but no one loves him more than his dad.

When Asahd Tuck Khaled made his grand entrance into the universe in October, it seems as if nothing else mattered in the superstar producer’s world.

Before he has even turned a solid year old, Asahd has already assisted his dad with producing his 10th studio album, Grateful. 

The album, now available, has garnered some pretty positive reviews. But one question remains: How does a 5-month-old produce an album?

According to DJ Khaled, his little executive producer lets him know which songs are a hit by bobbing his head and opening his mouth wide and smiling.

“To be honest with you, he likes so many tracks, that I ended up putting 23 on the album,” DJ Khaled said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.


Baby Khaled is famous, and his dad really, really loves his son. Here are some of DJ Khaled’s most loving moments with Asahd, courtesy of his Instagram (which has 1 million followers, btw).

And another one!

Daddy @djkhaled I can’t believe it’s me on the side of your tour bus ! It’s amazing! ☺️❤️

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Looking GUCCI!

Daddy @djkhaled gucci mane @laflare1017 and me matching! Lol gucci wearing gucci! @gucci ‍♂️

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And another one!

Thanks @mojgandds for my first tooth brush!!! Hopefully my teeth will come in soon! Lol

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Big Sean and Baby Khaled.

And we can’t leave out this adorable pic of him and Nas.

I told daddy @djkhaled look it’s @nas!!! ‍♂️the illmatic icon is holding me!!!

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And last, because it’s the best, a video of Asahd in action!