Designer Laina Rauma Is Upgrading All Of The Basics

Sexy and obnoxious clothing for the real, fake, training Barbies.

Laina Rauma created her namesake brand out of her apartment in Vancouver, BC because she was bored. If this is what bored clothing looks like, then everyone should embrace their boring side. Mkk?

JET chatted with the young and carefree designer about her current whereabouts and her upcoming kini collection! Go inside our conversation.


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JET: Congrats on your recent product feature on Kylie Jenner for Flaunt Magazine.  You’re brand keeps elevating by the like on Instagram! How’s the new design studios going? 

Laina Ruama:  The office is a block away from my apartment! Thank GOD! I no longer live amongst velvet. The design will be suuuper chill. Clean and warm. Mirrors, plants, candles, a big ass table for me to design on, and a couch. Cuz, naps. No photos yet! It’s still a total shit show hahaha

JET: So you said, you’ve been designing since age 7 on your site, what the heck were you designing at that age?

I made one sweater that was total trash. I had no idea the arms were cut separate from the body so I basically drew a 2D shirt, (green smelly felt on a mustard cotton/spandex..) front and back, cut it out and tried to sew it together. When I realized I couldn’t put it on, I was so ashamed hahaha. I threw it out before my babysitter saw and my mom got home from work. Also, Barbie clothes. 
LOL Barbie always needs clothes! Did you have any other fashion design jobs?

Nope! Just this.


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How did you learn how to sew?

My grandma taught me how to sew Barbie clothes. I really went in and taught myself more about technique and patterns when I was trying to get into design school. I submitted my pieces like a week late and never got in. I was GUTTED. But, everything happens for a reason. I suck at school, anyway. haha ADD!

Describe your brand?

Why don’t you describe it for me?hahaha jk. I honestly would just say, ME. It’s what I wanna wear. Or what I want my alter-ego to wear. It’s sexy, fun, relaxed, clean, obnoxious, etc etc.. I think it’s pretty cool. haha. For ladies who have a lot of fun getting dressed. Like a sport.

To answer your question, the brand is BBHMM – I’m – gonna –  cut  – you –  with – my – stiletto – if  – you – get –  in – my -way… I’m dying to order the “BENJI” when is it coming back in stock?

I don’t think it is coming back; gotta make room for my new styles.  If I get inspired by that fabric again, I might bring something back that’s similar. My ideas come from literally everywhere and nowhere. 

Who’s the chicest celeb or influencer that has worn your clothes so far?

I hate questions like this hahaha. Cuz I can’t choose. I’m thrilled when anyone chooses me for a special occasion/shoot/event. It’s amazing.

Who’s your inspiration?

ME. Legit. I inspire me to be better. When I’m feeling shitty, I’m motivated to change it. When I feel amazing, I WANT MORE!

What is your spring collection about?

The Spring Basics are really just that. I will always be a sucker for a pastel and the fabric is amaaaazinggggg. I don’t really design in collections though. At least not in a seasonal way. I do have a collection coming out later this year that I am really fucking excited about it. I haven’t been this excited about something I’ve worked on in a while. Oh and the new kini’s coming out in a couple weeks are fire.

Tell me about your recent collaboration with NCLA?

My best friend AND NEIGHBOR (I mean, seriously. Who gets to live beside their best friend?) Rory, and I had always talked about working together. NCLA is his company (alongside his partner Elin).. we had a couple meetings and BOOM. I was very excited to pick and introduce my signature colors cuz if anyone knows me, I am literally insane about my nails. This was bomb cuz I could get the EXACT shades I’m always looking for in nail shops and we named them after my tweets which was Rory’s brilliant idea haha. I want to do another one for sure.

NCLA x LainaRauma | shop now 👉🏽 ✨ SHOPNCLA.COM

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Any obnoxiously sexy plans for the summer?

WORK! Seriously.. I’m boring af. But actually, I just feel in my gut that this is a time in my life when I need to go balls to the wall and give it more than I ever have. (which is everything, tbh). I have some big plans and I feel some fire under my ass x a little magic in the air. It’s time to work my ass off, breh! Maybe a little trip to Costa Rica/Cabo for a week and then back to it!