No, Black People Are Not Superhuman

So, not only are Black folk stereotyped and labeled as angry and volatile, in the midst of all that we are now “mystical,” “magical” and contain some form of “supernatural ability.”

Yeah, according to a study published by Social Psychological and Personality Science, some White people believe we have “superhuman skin that is thick enough that it can withstand the pain of burning hot coals and supernatural strength that makes [us] capable of lifting up a tank.”

Have you picked your jaw up from the ground yet?

But wait … there’s more.

A Superhumanization Bias in Whites’ Perceptions of Blacks, investigates the superhumanization, attribution of supernatural, extrasensory and magical mental and physical qualities to humans.”

Broken into five separate studies, the results collectively demonstrate the bias, fear and perception of Whites to Blacks. One of the tests even supports the idea that Black people are dehumanized and deny pain versus White targets.

Excuse me?

We carry years of slavery on our backs, in our DNA and throughout the lines of history. Black people are beaten and targeted unjustly, on numerous accounts, and treated as if we have no right to step foot on the same land and soil as White people. And pain, is not felt? You have got to be kidding!

I guarantee if Black folks had half of this “mystical” and “magical” superhuman power as suggested in this study, inferiority would not be associated with the Black experience. Poverty would not be associated with the Black Experience. I could go on…but I’m sure you get the point.

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