Cures for the Common Cold

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It’s that time of the year where you try to hide from germs.

In a perfect world, no one would ever experience the dreadful cold or flu, but until enough people cross their fingers and toes, we’re left to only dream. Luckily, we found a holistic nutrition expert to reveal some popular myths on quickening the recovery process. Coach P, founder of Herbalosophy101, shared some of her favorite remedies, and now we’re sharing cures for the common cold with you.

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We’ve all heard this one. Most store-bought orange juice contains a lot of sugar, which is bad for you when you’re sick.

“Instead, drink a lot of water with cucumber, it wakes the body’s system and can have the same effect as drinking coffee, but it’s healthier,” she says. “You can’t just drink a little bit, but be consistent and you’ll feel the results.”


False. “When you’re sick your body needs double intakes in fluids, preferably water with a lemon to help detox the system,” says our expert.

You need to let your body rebuild its immune system. Drinking the broth from chicken noodle soup might feel good, but it doesn’t do anything, she says. “Most soup is full of sodium, which can make you feel worse,” she adds.


They do the job, but not for the common cold. “They might seem like a cure all, but they don’t actually work for the cold,” says the holistic expert. “They only work against bacterial infections so it doesn’t do much for a virus.”

People should also be careful about taking them when they don’t really need them, she says, because our bodies can develop resistance against the good bacteria.

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Don’t do it. Our bodies don’t need to be overworked when we’re already sick. It’s not good for us, says Coach P.

“If you’re already sick, especially if the symptoms are from the neck down, meaning not just a stuffy nose, but chest congestion as well, the last thing you want to do is over work yourself,” she says. “You’ll get yourself more sick and can actually welcome pneumonia.”

It’s okay to do light exercises, such as yoga, but avoid anything strenuous.

“Don’t go in the gym and turn up,” Coach P says. “Not only do you spread germs, but your body is overworking itself because you’re sick and now it has to double the effort.”

Myth #5: GARLIC

It won’t cure you.

“Putting garlic in your socks or shirt does nothing but make you stink,” she says.

There are dozens of remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation, but not all of them work.

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Fortunately, Coach P. also shared some rules for what works and what doesn’t:

#1 Don’t add sugar to your tea; it feeds the bacteria!

#2 Gargling with hot salt water helps sore throats. You need eight ounces of hot water and two teaspoons of salt. Gargle with it three times a day. You have to hold it in your throat for a few seconds. This isn’t a cure, but it helps.

#3 Herbal remedies such as ginger mixed with a lemon grass herb, honey and spinach work. You blend it with half a cup of water.

#4 Allow your body to get rest.

#5 Take vitamin C, at least 90Mg a day. Take 8Mg a day of Zinc. This keeps your immune system healthy and strong. It’s better to be consistent in your intake than loading up once you’re already sick. Taking it every day can be the difference of having a cold that lasts five days versus two days.

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