Creative Spotlight: Mark Clennon of Urbn Fresh

Creative Spotlight is a weekly Friday feature highlighting Black creatives making trailblazing moves. In this space, your voices are heard and your hard work is celebrated! 
Name: Mark Clennon

Occupation: Photographer and Advertising Account Executive

Social: Twitter & Instagram

Bio: Mark Clennon is an Internet professional and a NYC-based photographer. In addition to working with some of the largest web properties on the Internet, he’s also creating a name for himself in photography. In 2016, he’s had opportunities to shoot for Pepsi, Travel Noire, Russell Simmons’ Rush Card, music festivals and more. He attributes his success to his relationships with friends and family who inspire and encourage him on a daily basis.

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JET: Give us a little insight on URBNFRESH . 

URBNFRESH started out as simply a place for Black professionals to get the latest information on events around New York City. Since then, it’s evolved into a platform for creatives to link and share inspiration.

Now, URBNFRESH lies at the intersection of music, art, fashion and Black joy. The moniker URBNFRESH represents the ability to excel within different circles while maintaining your own true identity.

JET: What are some of your personal goals?

  • Travel internationally to work as a photographer
  • Collaborate with Kanye West
  • Host a gallery event showcasing my work
  • Create an image that is shown in Times Square

JET: Can you tell us five things people don’t know about you?

  • I’ve climbed Mount Olympus in a pair of retro jordans.
  • I attended high schools in three different counties in Florida.
  • I have a bartender’s license.
  • I can play the guitar and violin.
  • I’ve participated in an ayahuasca ceremony in the mountains of Peru

Check out some of Mark’s photography below: 



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