Why Costa Rica Is The Hottest Destination Right Now

Waterfalls this way!

Costa Rica is an unforgettable adventure.  It is the hottest destination right now because it is super close to the States and super cheap. Flight deals are always too good to be true.

Many travelers are flocking to Liberia, the capital of Costa Rica, to stay at one of the few resorts on the west coast of the country. It’s beach friendly and the the community is very much reliant on tourism. That’s why the Keeping up with the Kardashian’s shot an entire episode there. For about $1500, you can buy your flight, hotel and take 1-2 adventures for a few days.

Waterfalls and Bikinis.

As soon as you arrive to the country’s airport, you’re in South America, so remember your Spanish.

Where to Stay:

Stay at the Rui Palace Resort. It’s where all the twenty-somethings go to experience Costa Rica but also for relaxation. The resort has a bunch of activities and endless parties at night. Plus, people from all over the world come here with groups of friends. So it will be very easy to meet other people.

What to do:

The people on the resort can either direct you to the town or you can plan your own trip. A hike to the waterfall in the jungle is a must-do activity. Kim Kardashian ‘s exotic waterfall photoshoot took place in Liberia, Costa Rica.

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What to Eat:

If you chose not to stay at a resort, then you’ll obviously need a few recommendations. Order the Casado at a local restaurant.

For restaurants, take a short drive through Liberia to Marisquería Sabor Porteño restaurant.

What To Buy:

Support the villages around your lodging and buy the local coffee and teas. It’s the freshest ground beans you can buy and bring home to enjoy.