Cool Kids of Instagram Are Freaking Out to Post the “8 Till Late” Bodega

Bodega photoshoots are trending. 

A felt – based convenience store has set up shop across the street from The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District of New York City and cool kids are running to get a good photo.

From Boomerangs to lots of slideshows, cool kids are finnin’ to suck up every inch of the art installation, 8 Till Late.

8 Till Late is a 1200-square-foot space off The Standard, High Line’s Biergarten on Little West 12th Street. It is a fully stocked felt convenience store, unleashing the playful, parallel universe of one of the UK’s most exciting artists, Lucy Sparrow.

Everything that can be purchased at a bodega has been re-produced with felt. From ketchup and mayonnaise containers to various brands of cigarettes, each item in the “store” has been designed with felt and made with love. Most importantly, the installation is FREE to visit!

For sale

The project was funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign and took over six months to research, create and install. Until June 30, “customers” will be invited to browse the aisle and select fluffy editions of their bodega store favorites.

Click ahead to see more photos of the extremely instagrammable art exhibition  

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