Cooking For Bae: 8 Scariest Servings

Credit: Cooking for Bae

So, it’s been about a week since Thanksgiving and we’re pretty sure you’ve devoured every iota of that good food and those leftovers.

But there are still some meals that won’t go away. And it’s not because they were so delicious.

Nope, they’re hideous.  And some poor soul who was clueless to the fact took a picture and posted them online.

And now, they are living on in infamy at Cooking for Bae, aka the anti-food porn hub.  The site creators kindly shared the worst Thanksgiving Day fails with us, as promised in our profile of their Instagram account a few weeks back in Keeping it 140.  CLICK HERE to read it and then make sure you have a strong stomach for what is ahead.   **takes a virtual Pepto Bismol**

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