Say Hello to the First-Ever Educational Hip Hop App

Sometimes ignorance isn’t always bliss, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry.

In fact, what one doesn’t know may not kill them, but a lack of knowledge can certainly prohibit proper credit or worse, proper payment.

Authors and identical twin brothers Santoine and Antoine Jackson were tired of watching artists and/or aspiring artists fall victim to the business due to a lack of knowledge, so the duo created, which they ultimately converted into an app known as TCOHH.

The first of its kind, the app serves as an interactive virtual school for anyone ranging from aspiring artists to CEOs interested in learning the ins and outs of Hip Hop.

The one-stop source for entertainment education offers several features across multiple platforms such as seminars, resource guides and blogs that provide fundamental information about copyrighting, royalties and other important inner workings of the business.

“The industry needs something like this because it’s a million people in every city who want something to do with entertainment,” said Antoine Jackson. “It’s all about ownership with us because people just want their credit.”

The former independent label owners are no strangers to the game. They possess more than a decade’s worth of experience as businessmen in entertainment and jam-pack the app with as much information as possible for free.

“The reason we decided to make the app free is because we are Muslim and a Muslim cannot hoard knowledge,” Satoine said. “I want for my brother what I want for myself, and we got sick of hearing sad stories. There’s no reason the Hot Boys should have broken up for the same reason NWA broke up.”

The app isn’t the only way the brothers are spreading knowledge. In their book, 10 Steps to Profit from Your Passion, the Jacksons further educate readers on the entertainment business through a series of steps. Readers are encouraged to apply them to their passion along with focus, dedication and hard work in order to truly profit from what they wish to achieve.

In a generation that demands more credit, the Jacksons have perfectly merged technology and music to aid artists in cutting out the middle man and gaining more independence.

The College of Hip Hop App is available on Android, IOS Apple, Blackberry and Amazon Apps.

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