Stomping the Yard: Becoming a Goal-Getter

Our college blogger Kelly Fair shares tips for being a good mentee.
Credit: Thinkstock

Each and every one of us has a dream, and no matter how big or small, it is something that we truly want for ourselves. It could be buying a new car, launching your own business, doing well in school or getting a new job.

Any goal is achievable. But to do so you have to be a “goal-getter.” A goal-getter is kind of similar to a “go-getter” as they are both terms used to describe someone who works hard to succeed. But a goal-getter focuses on accomplishing his or her own goals with very clear direction. And you can become one in just four easy steps.

1) Believe you can do it.

The only thing that is stopping you from achieving your goal is you. Throw all of those excuses out the window ASAP. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “It’s you versus you.” If you hide behind excuses and a wall of obstacles that may be standing in your way, you will never get to where you want to be.

2) Visualize the goal.

Put your goal in a constant line of vision. That way it can serve as a motivating force to get you closer to success. So, if your goal is to buy a new car, print that car out and paste it onto your savings jar or on your mirror. If you want a new job, purchase the suit you’ll wear on interview day. The whole point is to bring positive energy and optimism to the forefront, so you are able to see that your goal is not that far out of your reach. You must actively work to manifest that which you seek to achieve.

3) You are only as good as the company you keep.

Seek like-minded individuals to help push you towards your goal. Build yourself a circle of supporters who will assist you in getting closer to your final destination. Surround yourself with positive people who have your best interest at heart, and you won’t be able to help but to achieve your goal.

4) Make a plan to go get it.

By this time, you should have already visualized your goal and got the proper people in your corner. Now, it’s all about execution and working your way towards making your dream a reality. Go get it! If you want it, you will find a way to get it and that should be all the motivation you need.