Here Are The Coachella 2017 Parties You Missed Out On This Weekend!

Everyone who danced in the desert, barely clothed and naked. 

The best part about Coachella is attending the parties in Palm Springs. Everyone who’s anyone is on the guest list and this year proved to be another year of epic mansion parties for the books.

Both Grindr and Bumble hosted their own respective desert parties and the crowd was a mix of Los Angeles fashion models, television people and Youtubers, meets New York’s art and all around cool kids.

Here are the parties every A-list celebrity and their entourage went to be seen and get seen.

Grindr x Galore:

Photo Credit: Instagram/Galore

Jordyn Woods DJ’ed

She wore a vintage Fendi scarf and trendy shades.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Galore

Then the cool kids flocked to the Pretty Little Things party hosted by Paper Magazine. India Love wore a daring outfit.

Here are other people who decided to hang around a pool area:

No party is complete without a gigantic pool with a ton of pool floats … and no one in the pool!!

Jeremy Scott also threw his annual Coachella desert part, this time with Tidal. This is probably one of the best parties to be seen and everyone just comes in their festival attire. Apparently the party didn’t end until 7am.

Mom and dad showed up, obviously.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert also performance at Moschino’s desert storm.

Photo Credit: Instagram