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Ways to Make Money Online (Part 3 of 3)

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Two weeks ago we discussed how to launch your online business. To catch up, check out the blog here. Now, wrapping up the last part of the three series, let’s discuss tips on sustaining an online business.

1. Keep a simple and organized website. Do not over-design or over-complicate your site in an effort to be noticed or look good. This is a big mistake, especially for professional businesses. It is much more important to make sure that your site is organized and the customer’s financial information is secure.

2. Engage your customers. How can you engage your customers on your website so you can increase your sales? Set up blogs and newsletters and ask for comments to keep your customers coming back. Also make sure you have a social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

3. Treat your customers like real people. Great customer service is expected from every business, even an online business. If you are unable to answer questions, help them with searching or purchasing your products, or get back to your customers with answers to their questions, in a timely manner, they will go elsewhere. Be sure to respond to every request and if you can’t help them, at least respond and let your customer know what you’ve done to exhaust every avenue to find what they needed.

4. Implement public relation wins. Develop and implement a PR approach immediately. Strive for high search engine repetition that will drive traffic to your website. If you can afford it, hire a professional PR company to monitor and drive your media plans.

5. Don’t forget the basics. Make sure not to over-complicate running a successful online business. Constantly keep in mind the basics: a) provide something of value that solves a need or a problem; b)promote the correct image, that you are a professional, running a real business; c) utilize the right keywords and phrases to ensure you attract your target customers; and d) never stop marketing your online business.

I hope this three-part series help you with ideas for making money online, starting your own business, and how to keep your online business successful. Comment or ask me any questions about making money online in the comments section.

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