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Ways to Make Money Online (Part 1 of 3)

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We’ve all seen those colorful, flashing banner ads offering you opportunities to make money from home, fast.

Certainly some of those headlines aren’t quite as reliable or truthful as we’d like to believe.

But there are legitimate ways to boost your income or start a business from your computer, and as your Cents and Sensibility expert, I’m here to help.

This is part one of a three-part series that, by the time we’re done, should set you up to boost your bank account in clear, measurable ways, including teaching, selling and even tapping into your creative side.

Make sure you read all the way through to find out what next week’s lesson is going to focus on, and definitely let me know if these tips are helpful by leaving a note in the comments or e-mailing me via

1. Freelance: Do you have a unique ability to write and a specialty in grammar, spelling, and communications? If you have the skills, there are a number of online resources for finding freelance writing gigs. You can work for periodicals, newspapers, or magazines for extra money. Today, almost any job can be done on a contract or freelance basis. Check out sites such as and, which can lead you to contract, consulting, freelance, or temporary work.

2. Teaching: Do you teach full-time already or would you enjoy teaching online from the comfort of your own home? This online money maker provides flexible hours and another stream of income. If this sounds like you, visit

3. Billing and Coding: One valid work-at-home program is coding and billing online for health care providers. You choose the amount of work you are comfortable with, and the pay is reasonable for the time spent billing and coding online.

4. Create an Online Store: Next week, I will provide ways to open an online store, but this is a great idea if you have something that you wish to sell and will be profitable. This is one way to “make money while you sleep” and people around the world have access to your services/products on a 24/7 basis.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is typically self-employed and provides professional, administrative, technical and social assistance to clients from home. This is a great way to help a busy businessman/woman, overworked parent, or an entrepreneur. Your resume doesn’t require much technical skill either. You can market yourself on or

Please realize that your source of income does not have to be the traditional 9-5 environment. There are many ways to make money online.  Will these options make you a millionaire? Maybe not, but at least you will have a blueprint on how to put your money making ideas in perspective. Be sure to check back in next week for tools on how to set up your online business.

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