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Get Cash Fast

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No need to feel guilty. Financial emergencies do occur. Even if those needed extra funds are not exactly sitting in the bank, you shouldn’t panic. Take these five tips to get cash fast, and then make sure to save for a future rainy day.

Get Smart
“Gigwalk” allows you to leverage your smart phone to make some extra cash. All you do is download the app to your iPhone, hit the red dot on the map and tons of odd jobs in your area will pop-up. The odd jobs could be anything from taking outside photos to mystery shopping. “WeReward” and “Checkpoints” are additional apps that you may utilize to earn more cash from your device.

Car Pool
Do you have a car? Let a company pay you to sport their logo. Depending on the state, some companies pay $400 a month to rent space that’s already at your disposal. Slap their logo on your vehicle, go about your normal routine, and get paid doing it.

Return Trips
How often do you purchase something on an impulse buy and it sits in your closet for weeks, months, and in some cases years? Taking recently purchased items back to the store for cash is an efficient way of making quick money back. Not only are you usually able to get all of your money back if you have a receipt, but you can also un-clutter your home, too.

Get Creative
If you are the crafty type, making crafts and jewelry to sell is right up your alley. Not only are they great gift ideas, but you can have parties to sell what you make or sell it online. is a site to buy and sell crafts and jewelry.

Start Selling
Sell your lightly worn clothes and jewelry to consignment shops. For example, Plato’s Closet will not give you much money back, but you might as well get money for items that are only taking up space in your home. is another popular site to sell big items. should be used for items that are unique and attract a niche audience. People make hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on Ebay. If you have the time and patience to work on your computer, this may be a great fit for you.

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