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How to Refocus Your Financial Goals

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What happens when you drop the ball on your financial goals? You started the new year off great, but now you’re right back where you started. Let’s make a u-turn now! Check out these 5 tips to refocus your money goals:

1. Learn from your mistakes: All of us fail from time to time. If you make mistakes financially, instead of becoming frustrated stopping altogether, dust yourself off and learn from your mistakes and experiences. Ask yourself: What happened? Who or what was in the way? How can I prevent it from happening again? Then refocus!

2. Put your best foot forward: Exercising discipline is key when sticking to any plan. Your financial plan is not an exception. Put your best foot forward and do everything that you can to eliminate distractions and refocus on your plan daily. Look at every day as an opportunity to accomplish your financial goals.

3. Go with the flow: Embrace the fact that you are willing to change and redirect your energy toward what matters. Change is inevitable. We might like our daily routines, but there will always be someone or something that comes along to interrupt those routines, so don’t become too inflexible. If a bump comes in the road to your financial success, don’t get frustrated. Do what you can to get back on track. With practice of moving ahead regardless of barriers and setbacks, you will be more comfortable with issues as they arrive.

4. Be prepared to put up a fight: There are many issues that we waste our time dealing with. Why not fight for the burden of debt to be lifted? Don’t just keep sitting around defeated. Put your boxing gloves on, ball up your fist, take one step back, and aim at the debt–one knockout at a time.

5.  Make sure to include the good, bad, and ugly: Write down the best deals you came across and ways you saved on your home essentials in a financial journal. Not only will you have the telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and contact names of creditors you’ve worked with in one place, you’ll also be able to reflect on your financial goals and use it as a guide to keep you on track.

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Karen Ratliff

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Dr. Ratliff is a certified life coach and professional educator, assisting many people in accomplishing financial, career, and educational goals.  She is also the author of “Tightening Your Bootstraps: 104 Tips to Kick Your Debt to the Curb Now.” Keep up with her budgetary advice via Twitter @drkarenratliff