Celebrities Support “Give With Target”

Education is something that we can all relate to, celebrity or not. As part of the Give With Target back-to-school campaign, some celebs are doing their part to make sure students start the school year off with a little more than just supplies and new clothes. How does $5 million sound?

Target is giving away that amount of money to schools all over the nation and has enlisted celebs like TV personality Lala Anthony, Olympic Gold medalist Gabby Douglas and former NFL player Donald Driver to help get the word out.

So how does it work? Just visit Target’s Facebook page and vote for the school of your choice. After 25 votes, Target will donate $25 to that particular school and $1 dollar per vote after that, capping at $10,000. It’s that simple.

The campaign runs through September 21 or until Target’s goal of $5 million has been reached. The school that gets to 10,000 votes first or receives the highest number of votes by the end of the competition, will have a huge party thrown in their honor, which will include appearances by the celebs involved with Give With Target, plus live musical performances and more.

Check out what Lala Anthony and Gabby Douglas had to say about being a part of the 2013 Give With Target campaign, plus see what they’ve been up to lately:

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JET: What made you want to be a part of Give With Target?

Lala:  Education is definitely a priority to me. My son Kiyan is now going to be starting the first grade, so it’s very important. And also being in school growing up, on that first day we didn’t have the newest books, we didn’t have the newest supplies. And I was wondering, “Why don’t we get the cool stuff like the other schools?”

JET: Why should people get involved with Give With Target?

Lala: We complain about education or complain about the lack of funding, but what are we doing about it? With Target, you can be a part of it.

JET: Why is it important for celebrities to give back to charitable causes such as these?

Lala: I think we’re in a position where you have to lend your voice to something good. I’ve been blessed with so many great wonderful things. I’m always about giving back and what better way than through education?

JET: That’s great! What can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects, such as “Think Like A Man 2”?

Lala: “Think Like A Man 2” is crazy. It’s gonna be so funny. It takes place in Vegas, where we shot it for six weeks. It’s a continuation of part one. Now someone’s getting married. They go to Vegas. All kinds of crazy things happen. It’s really funny. We have such a great cast, so I’m excited for that.

JET: You’ve also been filming for the upcoming season of VH1’s Single Ladies. Any secrets you can tell us about that?

Lala: I just did a part on Single Ladies that I finished. We tackled a heavy topic, which is the gay topic and being homophobic. And I really love that we brought light to this issue, definitely in the Black community. So I’m happy we were able to do that on Single Ladies.

JET: There were rumors going around that you went out for the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Any truth to that? 

Lala: (laughs) That is not true. I wish it was. That one is not true.

JET: Do you think it’d be hard for you to channel your inner sexy for a role like that? 

Lala: For me, it might be a little much but, I would have to… But I’m definitely excited to see who gets the role and see it come to life on screen.

JET: You have a book called the “Love Playbook” that’s coming out at the top of next year. What can readers expect from that? 

Lala: It’s kind of a relationship to friendship kind of book. I’ve always been that friend that people came to for advice all the time so I turned that into a book. So it’s not really about my marriage or anything like that. It’s more about stuff like what do you wear on a first date or how do you deal with a jealous girlfriend or how do you deal with a boyfriend that won’t leave you alone. It’s a lot of fun tidbits that I’ve captured throughout my life and my friends’ lives that we’ve put into a book.

JET: What can you tell us about your clothing line “5th & Mercer” and when can we expect it in stores?

Lala: I like fashion. People seem to like how I dress, so I wanted to bring that to everyone and we put together a really cool clothing line. I’m really excited. It should be available in the next month or two. Prices will range from about $40 and up. I try to keep it well priced, but I wanted to make quality clothing, too.

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JET: Why was it important for you to get involved with Give With Target?

Gabby: Education is very important and it could open up so many doors. So we have to start the school year off right…I love being a role model. I’m just lucky to be in this position. And that’s why I’m doing the things I’m doing, like partnering with Give With Target.

JET: You’ll be graduating high school soon. Is college on your radar?

Gabby: I’m finishing out my junior year, but college is definitely in the back of my mind. But I still have some time to think about what school I want to attend and what exactly I want to do.

JET: How do you balance your gymnastics career and school?

Gabby: Well, I’m homeschooled due to my gymnastics career. But education is very important. I didn’t attend public school, but I did everything I could so that I could focus on school and stay on top of my studies. I recently started a show called “Kickin’ It” and every single time I had a break, I would go in the back room and do schoolwork and the teachers would help me.

JET: We’ve been seeing you rock a very chic look at events and on red carpets here lately. What’s your style inspiration?

Gabby: I just wear what’s fun and what I enjoy.

JET: You’re 16 now. Are you dating or do you have a crush? 

Gabby: (laughs) I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do have a celeb crush. It’s Ian Somerhalder.