Celeb Stylist June Ambrose Calls Out Adidas

But Adidas will do what they want because they have $$$$. 

A recent tweet from celebrity fashion stylist June Ambrose calls out Adidas for copying Missy Elliot’s 1997 The Rain video she styled and shot with director Hype Williams. The shady tweet came in the form of a retweet response to Adidas’ tweet about their  new campaign featuring rapper Def Loaf. The campaign looks exactly like The Rain video only just better visuals since it’s not the 90s and welll Adidas probably spent a few stacks to re-create it.


Link to tweet here

She follows up with a very BLM -esque tweet.

She then talks to the New York Post about it, but Adidas has declined to comment on their video campaign concept.

“We did a lot of things with them and Missy’s brand. I didn’t expect that from Adidas. I was insulted. It’s like the big corporation taking advantage… As an artist, collectively as a group… it’s like we’re hidden figures now,” Ambrose told the New York Post.

Here’s the Adidas video screen grab:

Here’s the The Rain video. 



Do you think Adidas copied?