The Case For Modest Layering

In regard to transitioning to Spring dressing.

It’s not like a tank top hasn’t been worn at the very end of winter or even in the midst of winter that makes this new style hack attainable. It’s more about the new sihoulette and the idea that a turtle paired with a leather peplum top brings on a much different look, because it is layered so perfectly, it is too hard not to resist every tank top and long sleeve combo in one’s wardrobe.

These bloggers show how to make the best of your winter and spring wardrobe with a lesson in layering for the day/night or whatever – I’m – going – chic OOTD style dressing.

How To Layer The Collared Shirt

Take the traditional collar shirt and play with it by adding silk or cotton tank top. This is a bit casual, but also gives it another life.


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The Netted Dress

Perhaps one of the biggest breakout trends this season is the layering the netted dress over shorts and a tee to make it wearable in public…because we all can’t be Rihanna.

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The Blazer Dress

Who knew the over-size dress could look this good? With a belt and a long sleeve blouse, this outfit is ready for just about any occasion.

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Velvet Dreams

We never thought we would admit that the allure of dressing french has staying power.