A Case For Huge Boobs And A Thought On India Love’s Coachella Style

Also IG’s new boob pasty party. 

This past weekend, Coachella brought out daring fashionistas like India Love and huge boobs are making a great case for what it means to embrace your body.

The Tumblr girl cum reality star India Love strutted her most prized possessions around the desert in this season’s hottest sheer getups, but the internet seemed to think otherwise.

On day 1 of Coachella, India Love wore a white fishnet halter top belly shirt. On day two of the festival, she wore a light pink sheer blouse, complete with embroidered cherries and which was knotted right below the chest area. She was channeling an urban Marilyn Monroe.  By the night of day 2 of India’s festival style, people of the internet lost their shit as she again wore a black sheer halter top complete with a set of classic nipple rings.

“SLAYY QUEEN” read one of the comments left on her Instagram post. “And this what girls/guys think is sexy 😳😒 yeah our generation is beyond fucked up but this generation is full of Hoes and Thots big up to y’all 😂” read another comment. Collectively, there are thousands of comments and conversations about why India Love’s festival looks are empowering, fashion-forward and offensive.

Which made me question the stark level of uncomfortability culture still has with the female body, specifically honing in on big boobs. The fashion industry has longed embraced small tits as the preferred size, and big boobs are ostracized and put into a much more racy category. Can both of them co-exist in fashion?  Women with small boobs want bigger boobs and women with big boobs, either want a reduction or only flaunt them on special occasions. Coachella was a special occasion for India Love. 

But in general this season, it’s all about female’s embracing their body and taking control of they want to be portrayed whether it be through dressing for the cause or wearing whatever. Boobs, thighs, stomachs, large feet, everything is considered attractive nowadays. And I’m really happy but I still think big boobs, in my own personal experience get the shorter end of the stick! Just because you have huge boobs doesn’t mean you are automatically being racy and overly sexy when exposed. 

It’s Illegal In Some States To Be Topless, Apparently

In conservative states like Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia (among several others), it is completely illegal to be topless. A law was past in 1964 that made female sexuality an obscenity and under the indecent exposure law, which varies between states,  “nudity is a crime when purposefully displaying one’s genitals in public, causing others to be alarmed or offended. ” People of the internet were literally offended by India Love’s IG post as proof from her comments. But it her outfit was complete legal in California where Coachella takes place. That’s why California is by far the most lenient states when it comes to just about anything, Re: nudity and being one on the firsts to legalize marijuana.

Binx Walton in YSL Spring 2017 Runway Show

Free the Nipple In Fashion

But let’s be honest, is showing your boobs really that offensive when it’s through sheer and lacy (not to mention cute) fabrics?  India Love isn’t the first festival goer to wear suggestive tops, but she could be the first female with big boobs to lay it all out.

YSL’s Spring 2017 collection presented by new creative director Anthony Vaccarello shows how much the brand continues to push boundaries on defining the modern woman. The collection focused on freeing the nipple.  Models walked the runway making this bold statement about baring it all, with a chic ode to the nip slip on purpose.

Boob Pasties Are The Latest Wave On IG 

In light of all this boob talk, a new brand has surfaced and is trending all over the internet as female influencers are endorsing the brand every day. Sneaky Vaunt is sticky bra that is backless, strapless and boasts cleavage. For under $50, countless of celebrities including Amber Rose and India Love and fashion IT girls have already endorsed the brand on Instagram. These videos show girls with the sticky pasties on covering just about the front of their boobs, their pulling on a draw string to promote the pushup of the cleavage. 

Nudity and nipples has always lived with Fashion (emphasis on the capital F) but it has taken its time on trickling down to the masses.

And now, the masses have latched on.

It’ s bold and beautiful and  with sheer and lacy being everything this season, it was only a matter time that nipples were going to be a the IT body part to show off. Nipples (and huge boobs) are becoming a second layer of skin that’s multi-faceted. The collection’s strategic use of sheer adds back in the allure of evening daywear. The collection is all black, chic and uber sexy, just like the modern woman. Moreover,  the models were beautifully casted for the highly suggestive nature of this collection.

Where will the next fashion influencer draw the line next in body positivity?