Cardi B’s London Style Is So Rude

We mean this in the utmost endearing way.

While others were braving the desert heat this past weekend, Cardi B took herself and her rude London style across the pond. Touching down in London in a Off-White look, the burgeoning fashionista arrived in super edgy, refreshed, and ready to meet her UK fans.

As a true ode to spring and getting on with this whole gangsta fanciness, Cardi B radiated during her cup of tea at the MTV UK studios in a Kim Shui Studios two-piece skirt suit, complete with baby blue fur trimmings. The look features a mixed black and white snake skin jacket  and shearling-esqye two tone skirt. It’s giving off major Spice Girl vibes.

In general, Cardi was in London to promote her latest album, GBMV2 (Gangsta  Bitch Music Vol. 2) where she performed her hits to a sold crowd at the legendary Koko’s venue.  As an honorary island gal, this is what we call rude gal style. The glow up is real.

Here she is sitting pretty.

Here she is giving major London attitude.

Here she is calling her man in a Saint Laurent white fur coat.

Airport style: Off to London in Off-White.