Canada Prohibits Employers From Forcing High Heels In The Workplace

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When is New York and London following suit?

In a recent decision made by Canadian lawmakers, employers can no longer force women to wear high heels in the workplace. But New York and London employers will most likely continue to do as they want.

Apparently the Canadian’s 1996 Workers Compensation Act has been recently updated to cover footwear that is safe for any and all employees. And according to The Fashion Law, these ” factors including slipping, tripping, potential for musculoskeletal injury and temperature extremes all taken into account.”

Sexist dress codes suck.

If you think forcing women to wear heels in the workplace is archaic then you don’t know what they’ve been doing in the United Kingdom. A recent campaign lead by Nicola Thorp, has raised awareness about sexist dress codes in the workplace.  The receptionist refused to wear heels and was send home by her employers a few times. She was eventually fired. Her heel activism lead her to collect over 100,000 signatures , which is required for any case to be heard by the UK Parliament. Her employer Portico, a private agency, has a policy requiring women to wear heels at work. The UK allows it but doesn’t require it.  So, at the end of the day, Nicola Thorp’s case wasn’t as strong because she signed a contract.

Uniforms are becoming archaic.

Even the US has somewhat outlawed enforcing gender based dress codes. But it comes down to the actual employers. It’s somewhat illegal to enforce wearing ties or heels in the workplace if they are specific to gender. However, with this new administration, anything can be legal tomorrow. Specifically, New York is strict about enforcing a dress code. Go figure!

Moreover, even traditionally strict financial companies like PwC who have been a “business professional” company have loosened their company dress code. Company culture is changing to mirror Google and Facebook, organizations who are significantly efficient in making money.

My feet hurt.

The rate of heel – related injuries has dramatically increase. 1 in 3 women who wear heels will have permanent heel knee and ligament problems if they continue to wear heels. Even though these women will say, “oh my feet hurt, ” they will continue wearing them. Christian Louboutins, the world’s most popular thot shoe is infamously known to hurt like heel.

Do you wear heels to work?