Can Lupita Change The Game For Dark-Skinned Girls?

Our contributing writer wonders if Lupita N'yongo's new deal with Lancome will make a difference for dark-skinned girls.

Earlier this month, Lupita Nyong’o became the new face of Lancome … and the Internet exploded.

The award season darling had linked up with the legendary beauty brand. Lancome is a company that promotes diversity. They continuously have models of different shades in their ads and skincare products that cover all skin tones. And someone with such a lovely brown shade of skin like Lupita deserves to be an ambassador for a place that celebrates differences.

As the world sang praises to this new connection, I started to think about what this could mean for dark-skinned girls (like me!) around the globe. We would not only have someone like us all over the TV screens and magazines, but we might be thought about more in the makeup world. I couldn’t help but wonder: Could Lupita being the face of this global cosmetic company cause a push forward in more beauty products geared for girls with dark and beautiful skin? Not just at Lancome, but in the entire beauty industry!

Makeup is forever evolving and when new products come out, they aren’t readily available in all the lovely shades of chocolate. For example: BB Cream. Around the time it gained popularity, I was dying to try it. I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup: foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and maybe a pretty lip is all I need. So naturally, I wanted to try this so-called “miracle product” that would make my beauty routine 10 times easier. I could not find a shade in my skin color … even the one that was formulated for darker skin tones did not match my shade! Preposterous, right? It only took a couple years being on the market in the US for there to be BB Cream for darker skinned girls.

Needless to say, this goes beyond BB Cream. We are the ones who are last thought about when it comes to new-age beauty products. I really hope Lupita’s presence in the industry sparks a trend of more darker skin-friendly products being available right at launch and not after the fact.

Your Turn: Do you think Lupita’s Lancome win can make a difference for darker-skinned women?

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