BUY BLACK: Moon Meals

African Americans are powerful consumers, but the point is often raised that we could certainly support more minority entrepreneurs with our purchasing power. To make that mission easier, JET presents #BuyBlack, profiling Black business folk from around the world.

LaForce Stevens

Founder(s) Name: LaForce Baker

Career Background: I formerly worked as a strategist/project manager in the marketing and advertising industry focusing on working with teams to refine brands for global Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies.

When did you found your company? The company was incorporated in January 2012.

What led you to start it? I was led to start the company because I could not find any companies in downtown Chicago that provided tasty, healthy and organic free range meat, vegan, and gluten free options for late-night and lunchtime delivery for busy professionals in high-stress industries like myself.

How did you fund it? I funded it with savings, liquidating my 401k and moving back home to cut down on living expenses.

What differentiates you from your competitors? Amazing taste with half the salt and organic ingredients and “high touch” customer service is what differentiates us from our competitors.

Where would you like to see this business go? I would like to add more companies to our corporate catering program in downtown Chicago and provide our shelve stable wraps (meat, vegan,gluten-free) to more coffee shops/cafes in Chicago and regionally.

How can we find/support your product? If you would like Moon Meals samples brought to your office, e-mail or call (312) 880-9521. If you’re in the downtown Chicago area, you can buy our best-selling “Organic Vegan Burrito” from Bridgeport Coffee at 150 West Roosevelt Road

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