7 Budget-Friendly Spring Getaways

Wondering where to travel this spring? Our contributing writer shares seven budget-friendly destinations.
Credit: Thinkstock

Let’s face it: Right about now, we’re all sick of the winter weather. If you’re like me, you’ve been plotting and daydreaming about your spring getaway all winter.

Well, there are plenty of options, both domestic and international which make this dream become a reality. The last thing you want to feel is guilty for overspending your tax refund money. Although airfares are slowly rising and hotel fees seem to multiply every time you reload your travel website, there are ways to keep vacation costs down.

To celebrate the first day of spring, we’ve compiled a list of seven affordable spring destination options to cure your winter wanderlust blues. Whether you’re exploring a cool city or lounging on the beach, we’ve got you covered!


1) Cancun, Mexico
Island getaway meets Las Vegas strip in Cancun, Mexico. This country has something for everyone: from beautiful beaches and relaxing sunsets to day parties and energetic nightlife. Cancun welcomes visitors of all ages and energy levels. Beware, however, that Cancun is a very popular spring break destination, so unless you want to party with the college crowd, avoid March travel.

Where to Stay: The JW Marriott Cancun offers a mixture of upscale and budget friendly for Cancun thrillseekers. If you’re looking to relax more, and party less, this offers the option of tranquility and relaxation. However, if you decide to change your mind, you can take in the nightlife at the Hard Rock Hotel next door. Rates start at $279 a night for travel after May, or sign up for the Marriott Rewards program, and pay as low as $189 per night. For more information, visit

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