How An Instagram Consultant Can Improve Your Brand

A nice Instagram (IG) picture is the easiest way to turn a really bad day into a good one. When your Instagram picture is on point, the “likes” and positive vibes start flowing through your notifications, and you have to admit that it feels great.

We all love getting “likes” on social media and outside of the virtual world, and it feels good to get love and compliments from others. The way that others perceive us matters and this is why we love getting approval from them.

An attractive online presence on apps like Instagram can boost your personal brand, land you job opportunities, and can even earn money for your business. Benefiting from the popularity of social media is why millennials and businesses are hiring Instagram consultants to “pimp their profile.” Surprisingly, Instagram consultants actually exist and charge on average $150 an hour just for speaking with you.

An Instagram consultant’s job is to help their client optimize their online presence via the platform so that they can perfect their brand and meet their goals. Instagram consultants can help you and/or your business have a more cohesive message throughout your profile, improve the aesthetics of your Instagram grid, and last but not least, teach you how to post the best photos and videos to match your brand and business goals.

Your Instagram feed is viewed individually as you post content after content, and then it is viewed collectively when someone clicks on your IG name to view your profile. It is critical that the content message on your page captures the viewer’s attention and persuades them to follow you (and also care about who and what you are about).

Here are 4 ways Instagram consultants can help your brand or business:

1. Strategy

An Instagram (IG) consultant can help you understand how to develop a winning Instagram plan. After learning about your business needs, an IG Consultant can help you determine the best type of photo/video content, and the most profitable way of delivering it. An IG consultant can also help you devise short and long term goals for your Instagram social media strategy.

2. Content Curation

As mentioned above, an IG consultant can help you and your business determine the best type of content that you should be delivering. In addition, they can guide you in creating unique, compelling captions and hashtags for your post. We all know that outside of the photo or video, it’s the IG caption and hashtags that sets the tone. Your content’s caption can help you promote your business, and the associated hashtags can help non-followers find you. IG consultants are knowledgeable of all of the current hashtags. They know what’s popular in the news and they know what’s trending in your area of business. As a result, they can help you curate rewarding and relatable posts.

3. Posting Content

For some businesses, posting on social media can be a tedious task even if you use automation tools. If you don’t have a social media person on your team, and don’t have time to post your own content, some IG consultants will post for you. Hiring an IG consultant can be an ideal choice if you are super busy and need to build your online presence efficiently. By posting engaging and appealing content, it is likely that your followers will increase. It is believed that each Instagram follower represents a potential customer for your business, so marinate on that as you are looking at your own IG profile.

4. Analytics

How many followers do you have? What is your engagement rate? IG consultants can help you figure out how to measure your Instagram profile’s effectiveness and can provide insightful data that can help you create the best strategy to grow your social presence and business. Knowing if your Instagram is hurting or helping your business or brand is crucial, and an IG consultant can help you determine that.

Overall, IG consultants can be very useful for your brand or business. It is imperative that you are aware of the importance of having an engaging and appealing Instagram profile and how to use Instagram to your advantage.