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Who’s That BOSS: Sheri Riley

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Sheri Riley is an international speaker, certified personal development and leadership coach, and life strategist who leads celebrities, athletes, corporate executives, and high achievers from career success to life success. Throughout her career, she has quietly served as an industry insider that high achievers consult for coaching, mentoring, spiritual advice, life strategy, and personal advice. She is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team and developed the Exponential Living® System which facilitates transformation through coaching, training, speaking, and her soon to be released book.

The BOSS Network: Walk us through your journey to success. How did you get to this point?

SR: I achieved my current level of success because I didn’t quit. There have been many obstacles, challenges, and major set backs and I thank GOD that I didn’t give up. I am still on my journey of success. I am from a small town in Kentucky and I have taken some major risks to get to where I am. As a teenager, I wanted to work in the entertainment industry. After college, I began my career as a marketing director.

Later, I started my business GLUE® , a strategic consulting firm. As the founder and chief partnership strategist, I’ve spent the last 17 years establishing GLUE as the premiere agency for “developing profitable partnerships for products and personalities” by utilizing the company’s platinum level access, relationships, resources and intellectual capital to develop and implement “partnerships that stick.” Our client list has included CVS/pharmacy, BMW, Crown Royal/Diageo, and many more.

My greatest accomplishments are what I am doing now, serving as a wife, mother, and daughter, as well as an international speaker, personal development & leadership coach, and life strategist. I work with high achievers to make choices that lead to less stress, better clarity, and a more fulfilling life. My passion is people. I truly believe the freedom we all desire doesn’t come from our bank accounts and/or job titles, but from pursuing peace and all of those things will come. With my 9 P.O.W.E.R Principles, I lead the charge for us to pursue peace and stop spending 100 percent of our time on 10 percent of who we are, that’s Exponential Living.

TBN: What do you do to stay on top of your game professionally?

SR: I am committed to personal development because this is what fuels professional growth. Through prayer, praise, and studying God’s Word, I stretch myself spirtually. By seeking new business opportunities that constantly stretch me out of my comfort zone, I accept new challenges. And having the courage to start before I am ready, fail my way to success, and rebound and recover when everything falls apart.

TBN: How do you balance your personal life with your professional?

SR: First, I don’t believe in balance and time management. I strive for life integration and time allocation. How can you manage time, when you can’t stop it, slow it down, and change its direction? I am committed to being present in every moment. I’ve learned that “no” is a complete sentence. My saying no to others isn’t personal against them. I’m just saying “yes” to me.

TBN: What advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur or career woman?

1. Success is always achieved outside of your comfort zone.
2. Know your value, walk in the authority of that value, and never minimize the value you bring in every situation.
3. Stay committed to educating yourself.
4. Collaborate, Share, Support, Mentor, Be Mentored, and Celebrate other women (and men).
5. Success is going to take longer than you expected; cost more than you budgeted, and require more than you thought you had to give.
6. ALWAYS get wise counsel from (GOOD, PROVEN) lawyers and accountants/business managers

TBN: What is your success mantra?

SR: As high achievers, we work very hard on our goals of financial and career success, the next promotion, an amazing spouse, highly productive children, philanthropic engagement, and other accolades. We believe when we pursue these achievements, we will gain freedom, security, and control, with the hope that these three things we help us achieve our ultimate goal of PEACE. But the reality is, we have our pursuit in reverse order. When we pursue peace, with a positive mindset, this empowers us to live in the power of peace. When we commit to a life of gratitude, we have the courage to live a life that’s not limited to professional pursuits, but fully integrated with our personal and professional goals. We can love freely, with wisdom and make choices that lead us to our greatest achievement, Peace!! Peace is the New Success and Peace is Possible.

TBN: What does being a BOSS mean to you?

SR: BOSS means to me that you are willing to hold yourself accountable to excellence, while committing to pour into others along the way. It means you have assumed responsibility, with integrity, and are willing to pay the price to lead. And then, lead by example.

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