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Who’s That BOSS: Doreen Rainey

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Doreen Rainey, CEO of the RADICAL Success Institute, offers live online courses, private coaching and powerful events centered around business development and personal growth. Her proven systems empower her clients to define success for themselves and get the guts to go after it. She’s a graduate of Spelman College and the University of Baltimore.

Rainey lives the word “success” and she strives to make sure her clients have ultimate success in their lives and businesses. She is a true BOSS and a woman to watch.

The BOSS Network: Walk us through your journey to success. How did you get to this point?

Doreen Rainey: My corporate background is in human resources. In that role, I had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in employee relations, training and development, performance management and employee engagement. This allowed me to hone my coaching skills and work with employees not just on their professional goals, but on the personal goals as well.

I decided to transition into my own coaching practice. And what an amazing journey it has been! I’ve been able to not only work with some phenomenal clients in building their business or overcoming personal challenges and fears to make their goals happen, I founded the Get RADICAL Women’s Conference and have equip thousands of women with the tools, strategies and resources to take action in their career, finances, health and more. I’ve been able to share the stage at my conference with so many successful women including Niecy Nash, Judy Smith, Lisa Price and Monique Greenwood.

TBN: What do you do to stay on top of your game professionally?

DR: I consider myself a lifelong learner. It’s a must to keep up with what’s happening not just in my industry, but in the business world as well. This includes attending conferences and workshops and working with coaches and mentors.

It’s also important to find those resources that really provide you with timely, relevant and practical information as there’s so much to decipher through – blogs, magazines, journals, newspapers. I suggest finding about five resources and commit to them. Additionally, I read at least 2 books a month – biographies, business books or those designed to empower me to think bigger and keep working towards my goals.

Finally, I surround myself with people focused on playing full out. It’s inspiring for me to watch others succeed. It reminds me that whatever I’m striving for is possible.

TBN: How do you balance your personal life with your professional?

DR: This is actually something I am seriously working on. I use to work such long hours. But in the past year, I’ve made a concerted effort to give myself down time. To relax, vacation or do some reading for fun. It’s been a challenge, but if we don’t take some time away from the business, we can burn out. I love what I do and am committed to meeting my business goals – but I understand the value of shutting down the computer and turning off the phone.

For those who are challenged with this, I suggest starting with one day where you leave the “office” at 5. Have dinner with friends, have a date night with your significant other, do something fun with your children.

TBN: What advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur or career woman?

DN: I would share three things with budding entrepreneurs or career women.

1) No matter how many “overnight” success stories you hear about, be prepared to work and work hard. Understand the time, resources, energy and time it will take to get you where you want to be. Be willing to put some “skin” in the game and take the risks you need to take to build the business or career you really want.

2) Passion is not enough. Many times we start a business based on our talents, gifts, passion, purpose or calling. But that is not all you need. In addition to being the “practitioner”, you must also be the CEO. Pay attention to all areas of your business – especially financials.

3) Marketing gets you known…sales get you paid. I’ve seen people spend an enormous amount of time and resources marketing their business – and find themselves wondering why they aren’t meeting their revenue goals. But you must also pair your marketing efforts with sales. Be willing to get on the phone and ask for the business. Set up that meeting and present a contract. Proactively seek out people you want to have as clients or customers and let them know why they should do business with you – now.

TBN: What does being a BOSS mean to you?

DR: Being a BOSS means defining success for yourself – and then getting the guts to go after it. Not living your life based on someone else’s expectations of you. To take the time to uncover your authentic goals and being willing to take a risk to create the life, business and career that truly brings you joy, fulfillment and happiness.

TBN: What’s next for you?

DR: I’m so excited for everything that’s happening in the RADICAL Success Institute. We have just launched our live, online 10-week courses that are topic-focused. Each quarter, we offer classes for entrepreneurs on such areas as blogging, social media, marketing, sales, PR, speaking and more. For those with personal goals, we have courses such as health and wellness, overcoming overwhelm, setting and achieving big goals, moving past fear and procrastination and more.

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