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How To Be A Successful Author

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The world is filled with talented authors, however very few of them ever reach their definition of success. That’s right … the majority of authors will never sell over 200 books.

So the question remains, “How do authors achieve success in such a saturated industry?” The reality is, people view success differently. Therefore, you must establish personal goals otherwise you could potentially overlook your accomplishments. It is not uncommon to hear that “success does not feel like success” to most people.

Success is measured in the journey rather than the end destination. Below are seven steps to help you become a successful author:

1. Define Success

In the beginning, my success didn’t feel like success. Sure, I was signed with a traditional publisher, but found myself constantly traveling in order to sell my book. Being a wife and mother of six children, I hated to travel and wasn’t confident in my newly found career. My desire was to have and inspire readers, not pursue fame so I decided to self-publish. Book sales started rolling in nonstop without traveling. I began to give thousands of my books away and word of mouth remains the best advertising strategy. Before I knew it, my book sales increased by 300 percent and I became a best-selling author on Amazon. The moment I felt successful as an author, through my definition, I was inspired to write more books. Staying true to your definition of success is the key.

2. Give to Receive

The purpose of writing a book is for people to actually read the book. Book giveaways are an excellent promotional tool for upcoming authors. It’s difficult to sell your book when no one is familiar with your work. Gaining creditably is important. Your readers have to trust you before they make a financial investment in your book. I continue to get new fans from this method.

3. Price It Right

Overpricing your book could make a potential reader question your creditably and motives. Conducting market research to establish a retail price for your book is important; however, if books are sold above market value, they are often justified by the creditability of the author, the unique content, and page count. Otherwise, price it low and continue to build your rapport with readers.

4. Know Your Market

There are many genres and a successful author promotes to their target audience. Promoting to any and every genre may not be a great idea, especially if you’re on a tight budget. When promoting your book to the wrong market, there is a huge chance that you’ll receive a negative review. Instead, focus on promoting to people who are dedicated readers in your specific genre. By doing so, the chances of becoming a success author will be greater.

5. Leverage Your Work

Writers tend to write often and everywhere. We blog, submit articles, create expressive social network comments, and tweet words of wisdom. Many authors sale themselves short because they fail to leverage their work. Writing a book requires a lot of work, but what about the writing you have created but overlooked? Leveraging your work will expand your audience reach.

6. Knowing What You Have To Offer

Let’s face the facts, the literary world is saturated with authors, and every hour a new book is being published. Standing out might seems almost impossible, but it’s not. Your success is relying on your confidence. You have to be confident in your knowledge. Realizing that the world only has one of you is not enough to stand you apart in the publishing industry. You must connect with your readers and gain their trust.

7. Dedication

It’s crazy to want dedicated readers when the author isn’t dedicated to writing. Your work should reflect a journey. Readers want commitment from authors. Whenever readers love your work, they want more. Commitment to writing more books is a decision that most successful authors make. There is a reason why authors publish more than one book. They have committed to writing, to their passion, and to their readers. Being dedicated will increase your chances of becoming successful.

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