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HOW? STOPS NOW!: The Power of a Phrase

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You may be asking yourself what is HOW? STOPS NOW!? Yes, it sounds good. Yes, it is a “catchy” phrase. However, is there truly power in this phrase? Will this statement catapult me into my newest endeavor? Will this statement bring clarity about my vision or dream? Will this statement lead me into my purpose, the purpose I know I have been called to live out? Will this statement expose my purpose because I do not know what it is?

My answer to these questions is an emphatic YES! HOW? STOPS NOW! This is my philosophy… I do not believe you are given a dream or a vision without provision. The battle is to not become consumed with what you envision a dream or vision is supposed to look like. Essentially, you should not compare your vision to society’s standards or someone else’s life because you will be disappointed each time.

Your life’s journey is a journey of purpose. Your life is a journey of purpose embedded with choices and decisions. WHEN we experience life lessons we have the opportunity to take a peek into our purpose. This statement is profound because the expectation is that you believe you are always aware that your life experiences, whether you consider them bad or good, are the driving factors pushing you towards your purpose. The reality is…this concept is hard to believe and therefore even harder to accept.

If you are in tune enough to embrace your journey, and committed to identifying your purpose you will recognize that in the midst of LIVING, your PURPOSE has always been on the following continuum: LIFE Experiences, LIFE Choices, LIFE Decisions, LIFE PURPOSE…

HOW? STOPS NOW! is a lifestyle. HOW? STOPS NOW! is a mindset. It forces you to accept that YES, You have been called to something great. Life experiences are chances to embrace WHAT we ultimately are born to do. Yes, I believe our mistakes are included. Yes, failures are included! Yes, questioning your ability is included! How do you think I arrived at HOW? STOPS NOW?

WHAT we do, WHERE we go, WHEN we go, and WHO we meet on our life’s journey are all part of the designed path to purpose! It is in LIFE’s moments of experiences that our purpose reveals itself. It is in LIFE’s moments that we receive visions for our lives. It is time to stop discounting the moments WHEN our spirit tells us to do something. It is time to say, HOW? STOPS NOW! Are you Ready?

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Jamila Thomas is a motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of WOMEN DIVINE INSTITUTE, LLC., a consulting firm that provides personal and professional development services to individuals and organizations. She is also the Founder and President of WOMEN DIVINE, a 501c3 not for profit that works to educate, inspire and empower young women. Jamila co-authored a book named “The Ultimate Vision Experience…” and is the author of “HOW? STOPS NOW!”.

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