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How to Mix Love and Business

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We all dream of having the partner who’s financially stable or has a stable career. But what happens when you fall in love with an entrepreneur who is just starting his or her business? What happens when you are an entrepreneur also?

As business owners, we understand that the road to success is not an easy one. There will always be bumps in the road. Mixing love with entrepreneurship can be a complicated road. When my husband and I first met, we both were in jobs that we absolutely hated. In a three-year time period, he lost two jobs and as devastated as I was, I realized it was God leading him into his path of being an entrepreneur. In the beginning of his business, we had just had my daughter and things were a little tight.

So what’s a girl to do? Do I put my dreams to the side? Do I fuss him out? Those were the solution to our issues. I had to learn how to merge LOVE and ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

One of the things I had to first do was put my husband’s feelings into consideration. I know being away from his family a lot was not easy for him. I didn’t want to bring any negative energy to our situation because I knew that this issue was something that could be worked out.

After taking my husband feelings into consideration, I had to think about how I can make things better on my end and have a schedule that would work for my goals and me. I began to write down everything I had to do in a day including anything that had to do with my business. I started by putting every single task including showering and eating on my list. This helped me to accomplish all the things I needed to do. When you write things down, especially your to-do list, it helps you to stay on track of what needs to get done. It also helps you to remember everything that needs to get done.

The second thing I did to help me accomplish my goals is I wrote a goal list. A goal list is a really good tool to use. It helps you understand and evaluate where you want to be within a time period. I had my husband do the same thing. By taking a look at both our schedules, we were able to create a daily, weekly, and monthly to do lists as well as merge our goals so that we are accomplishing both our dreams.

The third thing I implemented was a strong communication system with my husband. Communication is the key to sustain any relationship and is definitely very important in marriage. A lot of times we tend to hold our feelings in because we don’t want to hurt one another. But holding your feelings in will only hinder your growth in life. Those feelings will always come back to taunt you and you will find yourself becoming unproductive and not accomplishing any of your goals.

Love and entrepreneurship is a topic that can go in many different ways. I think that knowing what each other’s goals are is very important. Being respectful of each other’s time and business is also important. My husband is very involved in my business as I am in his and being able to fully support one another helps us bond more. We bounce ideas and suggestions off one another. This becomes our quality time. Knowing what you are getting yourself into when you are with an entrepreneur is important as well. You have to understand there will be some good times and there will be some hard times but as long as you are able to lean on one another you will be able to get through any times.

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