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Five Common Sense Business Tips to Know

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So you’ve made the decision, whether through prompting or pure passion, to become an entrepreneur. Good!

Have you taken into account all of the things that may come along with the life of an entrepreneur? The experiences are unforgettable, and at times you may even question why you took this route at all.

As a woman in business, it’s an unwritten rule that much more is required of us, if we are to be taken seriously. Don’t fret! All entrepreneurs know that running a business requires belief in your abilities and common sense.

Let’s break down five common sense business tips that will get you going, and keep you on a successful track throughout your journey!

1. Create a “To-Do” List…and then create a “Won’t Do” List.

A daily To-Do List can include anything from making a call to a service provider, picking up printing paper, or just a helpful list of reminders. Checking an item off of your list is a feeling of accomplishment, and it’s also encouraging. The same thing applies to a “Won’t Do” List. Your “Won’t Do” list does not necessarily have to be completed daily, but if you choose to do it, then so be it. That particular list could include items as small as not buying that latte from your favorite coffee shop, or as large as not overspending on electronic devices. Boundaries have to be set in business if you are to be successful–and what you won’t do is just as important as what you will do.

2. Choose business partners and employees with extreme care.

We have all heard of horror stories where business partners did not prove to be a fit for one another and things between the partners turned ugly. There is no sure fire way to determine that this won’t happen to you, unless you’ve decided to go into business alone. I’m not discouraging anyone from having a business partner, because not all of them end poorly; however, business partners should be carefully appointed.

The same rules should apply with employees. Upon reading an article in Inc. Magazine entitled “7 Reasons You Can’t Be Friends With Your Employees,” one point that stuck out tremendously was “it’s hard to fire a friend.” What happens if a business deal goes sour due to negligence by your business partner? What happens if an employee takes for granted that you are a friend, and they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain in the workplace? Choose wisely, or end up paying for the decision later.

3. Change the passwords on your accounts frequently.

Hackers are very successful in stealing boatloads of information, as we have seen in past months. Unfortunately, millions of people fall victim to hackers almost daily, and this can cause a world wind of problems. You certainly want something easy to remember in a password, just make sure it’s not too easy. Use the special characters, numbers, upper and lowercase letters to ensure a strong password, along with completing any and all necessary software updates on your devices. It’s for your protection!

4. Be familiar with the word “integrity,” making sure that you are aligning yourself with its definition.

Defined, integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” Nowhere in that definition does it say “the quality of being perfect.”Examples of integrity are (but not limited to) owning up to a mistake and taking steps toward correcting the mistake; keeping your word with clients regarding timelines and project completion dates; being timely when returning phone calls and when answering emails; being upfront about what you can and cannot accomplish. Doing your very best and always being honest is the biggest principle of a person with integrity.

5. Carve out time for relaxation!

Hopping on a plane is not always an available option. Sometimes all you need is an hour or two (maybe more, if you are able) to “breathe,” especially for entrepreneurs! Running a business is no “walk in the park,” and information overload is very real. What do I do for a little serenity? I rise early on my easy breezy days, grab a specialty drink from my favorite coffee shop, take a nice drive, and return home to watch reruns of a few of my favorite television shows. Find time to commit to clearing your mind, and pay attention to how much this will improve your day!

The decision to become an entrepreneur is one that is typically not made in haste, and there will be bumps and curves in the road to entrepreneurship. However, having good common sense and a focused frame of mind will allow you to reach your full potential! It first starts with the belief that you can, and once you believe, the rest is up to you!

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