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Five Steps to Achieving Your Goals

As you embark on your journey to starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur, there are some things to evaluate before your begin.
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In my practice, I counsel and coach women who feel that they haven’t achieved what they really want out of life. Many of these women reveal that they don’t know what they really want, but they know that they want more than what they currently have. My job is to help them with set goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals in order to ultimately have the life they want.

But it takes planning, preparation and action. We are all capable of achieving the “good life.” Everything and anything you can imagine or dream can be your reality. What do women we see in media and in powerful positions possess that you don’t? Absolutely nothing. The only difference between them and you is, perhaps, planning, goal setting, preparation, motivation, and/or persistence. You have your own unique talents, gifts and abilities. The key is to use what you have in order to get what and where you want. You must set goals and work to achieve them.

The steps of setting goals and achieving them:

1) Explore your dreams.
Brainstorm your likes and wants. What have you always wanted to do or accomplish? Visualize exactly what you want.

2) Set goals.
Where do you want to be? There should be short-term and long-term goals. Make sure that your goals are realistic and attainable.

3) Develop a plan of action.
How are you going to go about accomplishing your goals? What are the steps that you must take? Do you need to move to another town, state or country? Should you learn a new language? Do you need additional education? Is there someone whom you need to meet?

4) Work your plan.
Put your plan in motion. You will need to work hard, smart, and relentlessly to achieve your goals. You will have to get the education, experience and the right network to move to where you want to be. Be persistent and relentless in achieving your goals. Your path to accomplishing your goals might be a little or a lot different from another person’s path and that is fine because you can do anything you make up your mind to do. Carol Mackey says in her book, Sistergirl Devotions, that “Your goals will come to fruition if you have faith and stay committed to achieving them.” Don’t think about how far away that goal is or how hard it is becoming to achieve it. Commit to achieving your goal. Focus on taking one little step toward that goal, and then take another, and another until you have accomplished what you wanted to accomplish, gotten where you wanted to be and can look back amazed and proud of the distance you have come and where you currently are.

The last step is one that can be intertwined throughout the process of achieving goals and greatness. It is:

5) Be confident and believe in yourself and your capabilities.
Being confident means knowing who you are, what you’re worth, and what you know. Having confidence means acting like it is impossible for you to fail. When you’re filled with confidence, there’s no room for the fear of failure. If you set out to do it and you are confident, committed and persistent, you will be successful. Having confidence in yourself will make accomplishing your goals easier.

So, there you have it – five steps to achieving your goals. Best wishes to you as you work your plan to have the life you want!

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Dr. Kamala L. Uzzell is a nationally recognized licensed professional and national board certified counselor, educator, life coach and motivational speaker. She lives out her passion for mental health and wellness by operating SOLAY Counseling & Research Center, P.C., which she founded and of which she is the President & CEO. SOLAY has served over 2000 clients and has offered educational events and resources for members of the community and elsewhere that bring awareness to mental illnesses, their symptoms and treatments. Follow Dr. Kamala and view her member profile at The BOSS Network.

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