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Ask The BOSS: The Top Business Start-Up Mistakes

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Get ready to move up to that corner office or start your own enterprise! is partnering with award-winning entrepreneur and founder of The BOSS Network, Cameka Smith, to bring you “Ask The BOSS” every month. This feature will answer reader-submitted questions and offer you career and entrepreneurial advice. You can submit your own questions via with the subject line: “Ask the Boss.” Don’t worry, we’ll keep your name and identity confidential. First up: a question from reader “Starting Up Right.”

Question for the BOSS: There is so much to know when starting a business. What are some warning signs you would give to a young entrepreneur to make sure they start on the right track?

Dear Starting Up Right,

I was taught to learn from others’ mistakes. Whether you’re pursing entrepreneurship for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, it’s best to know what not to do so you start strong, accelerate fast and finish well.

1. Over-committing:
Saying “no” can often be a very difficult thing. It can cause an extensive amount of anger, damage to relationships and an overwhelming feeling of guilt. But over-committing can overwhelm you and in return, slow the progress of growing your business. Take time out to make an action plan for the year and take strategic steps to make them happen while celebrating each achievement.

2. Avoiding Technology:
We are in the technology age where everything happens via the Internet. Not being up-to-date on the latest technological information and software can ruin your business. Take advantage of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, which can expand your brand to a larger audience while building relationships with new potential customers. Internet marketing for your business is no longer an option, so visit sites like Mashable to get started with your social media tutorials. Read technology magazines and get industry information from sources such as InfoWorld, Information Week,, and

3. Miseducation: It’s your absolute duty to educate yourself in the area of business you choose, so you know about all the pitfalls, resources, research and benefits your industry has to offer. There’s no reason to re-create the wheel for tools that can propel your business when you have access to information from the web. We have all we need at our fingertips. We just have to be open to seeing it or reading it. In business, it’s very important to read magazines that will provide educational information about business. Every week, visit sites or subscribe to newsletters from great business companies such as,, Black Enterprise, BusinessWeek, Fortune and Forbes.

4. No Team: “Together Everyone Achieves More”: T-E-A-M. No one can do it alone, whether you find the right people to work on your team who believe in you and your vision, or whether you’re getting the right mentoring to learn how to develop your organizational chart. Make sure you have a solid team that will support your efforts and can help take your brand to the next level. Teamwork makes the dream work!

5. Lack of Confidence: This is your dream, and if you don’t believe in it, who will? It’s important to have a sense of self when growing your business, because people will surely tell you that it can’t and won’t work. Confidence is key!

BOSS on the move,


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