Blogger Monica Style Muse Gushes Over New L’Oreal Contract

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Afro Latina Monica Style Muse is youtube, blogger and currently L’Oreal’s Brand Ambassador.

“Fashion is like contouring your nose” she says. “If you don’t like your nose, you can contour it with makeup. So if you don’t like your height, you can contour it with clothes, hunny!” Monica Style Muse recently chatted with JET about her newest L’Oreal contract, what it’s like to be a blogger and her favorite stores. Go inside the conversation. 

For the JET Readers: Who is MonicaStyle Muse?

Hey JET Readers! Monicastylemuse is a fearless go getter who isn’t afraid to hear the word No; after seeing a lack of representation of Afro Latinas in television or in beauty, I decided to create my own avenue of opportunity.

Courtesy of Monica Style Muse

How do you define your style?  I’d like to think my style is very eclectic and polished at  the same time!

What kind of style videos get the most engagement from your audience?
Definitely my videos when I talk about working with what you already have; its important that my viewers understand that style can’t be bought!

What are your favorite brands for curvy girls?
I would have to say some of my top brands are Asos, Misguided and of course Mistressrocks!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Well it depends if I have an event and I know I need to look my best, maybe around an hour. Now if I’m running to the bodega, then 15 minutes.

What made you start vlogging in the first place?
I actually started vlogging because I was informed about a style competition and in order to enter I had to submit a youtube video. If you take a look at my very first video its super pixelated and that’s because I knew nothing about this industry, so I filmed it with an iPhone. From there I saw the positive feed back and continued.

What are some memorable comments / fan mail?
I would say one of my memorable moments was when one of my subscribers emailed me and told me she was glad that I was able to come forward and face the world about being an Afro Latina. She always felt she couldn’t embrace being both and expressed how it made her feel so torn. She finally had the courage to embrace every inch of who she was which was amazing to me and that’s what makes it all worth it.

The youtube video about your Dominican / afro latina heritage story was beautiful and It legit had me in tears. That was a well- needed conversation and contribute to culture. What brought that on?
Thank you so much! That video was one of the most terrifying videos Ive ever done; and it actually came about because of a prior video called The Latina Tag, which I had no idea would get that amount of controversy. I realized that many people thought I couldn’t be black and Dominican. It was almost like people wanted me to chose something I couldn’t help because it’s who I am. It was important to me to educate people and not come across as hostile in that video because the issue is bigger than me. I can take the negative comments but my concern is our youth and what are we doing to change it.

Congrats on your new L’Oreal Gig! What does that entail?

Thank you so much! It has been really amazing to represent such a prestigious brand like L’Oreal. When they reached out to work with me, I was completely honored and excited to start a this journey. One of the great experiences about my partnership with L’Oreal is they allow me to be a voice to those who relate to me, through Beauty, Style and Fashion. Of course just like any other career path you take comes with a lot of responsibility. But there’s a saying that you should “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life, “

Okay so I watch your video about being laid off… how were you able to keep a full time job and be a blogger?
Yes that video was probably the second hardest video Ive ever done, but it was absolutely necessary. I honestly think I managed to keep a full-time job by the grace of God, I mean I would go into work with duffle bags; walking in with a pantsuit, minimal makeup to then leaving the office at 5 with a whole new face and outfit. I got use to it and I became the girl who everyone asked “ Oh you’re the blogger, cool what does that mean exactly” lol. I definitely don’t think my co workers were jealous. I’d like to think they were trying to figure out how is this girl managing all of this, and again my answer was always God. I’d say to the young business women to remember that your for now isn’t your forever and that is what helped me move forward in my career. I sacrificed a lot of my personal time to invest into my business because I knew there would be a crossroad one day and I would have to make a decision.

Any exciting campaigns coming up?
The great thing about this industry is you never know what’s next; but that’s what keeps me on my toes! My management sociaLebs is always trying to find new campaigns and opportunities for me to be attached to which is amazing! For now I’m loving every moment of my L’Oreal partnership while collaborating with so many wonderful brands. Definitely stay tuned to my social media for any updates!

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