Judge Grants Blac Chyna Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 25: Blac Chyna at the 2017 BET Awards at Microsoft Square on June 25, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has granted Blac Chyna, 29, a restraining order against Rob Kardashian.

PEOPLE reports that the move is the latest development in Chyna’s ongoing battle against her ex. Last week, Kardashian, 30, launched a series of online attacks against Chyna, claiming she cheated on him throughout their relationship.

Kardashian, who also posted nude images of Black Chyna on Instagram before having his account shut down, has since expressed regret over his actions.

Lisa Bloom, Chyna’s lawyer, said she was granted temporary restraining orders against the 30-year-old reality TV star.

I’m pleased to announce that in court this morning we had a complete and total victory,” Bloom said. “The judge gave us everything we asked for, which is a set of very strong and enforceable restraining orders against Rob Kardashian, restraining him from coming near her and restraining him from cyberbulling, restraining him from posting anything about her online of personal nature, including photos and videos.”

At a press conference following the decision, Chyna said she’s focused on her 8-month-old daughter.

“I would first and foremost like the thank the judge for granting me this restraining order to protect me, and I’m going to get back to co-parenting Dream,” the model said.

While Kardashian didn’t appear in court, his lawyer Robert Shapiro, along with attorney Samantha Klein appeared on his behalf.

“Now we move forward to do one thing and one thing only — whatever is in the best interest of the child,” said Shapiro.

The current restraining order does not interfere with Chyna and Kardashian’s custody arrangements regarding Dream. They also don’t prevent Kardashian from posting photos of Dream, or Chyna’s 4-year-old son, King Cairo, online.

To be continued.