Blac Chyna’s Love Interest Blames Lawyers for Warning Letter

The man who engaged in a social media feud with Rob Kardashian last week thinks Blac Chyna’s lawyers are to blame for a warning he received this week.

TMZ spoke with Ferrari, one of Chyna’s love interests who posted nude photos of the model during a feud with her ex last week.

He told the media outlet that he feels her lawyers are responsible for a written warning demanding that he stop posting the nude photos to his social media accounts.

“I think it’s weak,” Ferrari said in response to the letter. “I think she’s following the proper procedure though, but at the same time I think it’s not really her character so I hope she doesn’t have people in her head.”

On Monday, A Los Angeles County judge awarded Chyna a restraining order against Rob Kardashian, 30. He has since apologized for his actions, and to the Kardashian family for not heeding their warnings not to get involved with the 29-year-old model.

The warning states that Ferrari could potentially face a lawsuit if he post more nude images of Chyna. He says he’s moving on from the model and mother of two and that he has no real beef with Rob Kardashian.

“Rob’s a good guy remember?” Ferrari said. “I said that 100 times, Rob’s a good dude! He just gotta learn how to keep his feelings out of his pocket …put em in his pocket. You know what I’m saying?”