What Year is This: Cafe’ Owner Sued for Racial Bias

“No big butts allowed” is the alleged ridonkulous, racist view of the owner of Bleecker Kitchen & Co. cafe in New York.

In a lawsuit filed by former employee, Michael Douglas against cafe owner, Joshua Berkowitz, Douglas claims that his former boss discriminates against employees who have big butts aka Blacks, concluding that ‘big butts equal slow workers’and constantly makes other racial remarks.

Douglas was hired to manage the eatery in March and explains that things took a turn for the negative when he hired the establishment’s first Black server in August. This move prompted a behind-closed-doors conversation between Douglas and Berkowitz which led to the owner asking who “the dark new girl was,” following up with this judgmental revelation: “My father warned me about hiring people like that, people with big butts…people with bug butts don’t work fast.”

Little did Berkowitz know that Douglas, is biracial – Black and Asian. However, his Asian characteristics are more dominant, as it states in the Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

The suit details further racially charged insults from Berkowitz including him saying “I just love saying the most f–d up s–t.”

Douglas eventually quit due to the reported spewed racial stereotypes and seeks unspecified damages, reports the New York Post.

Shame on these fools and you know we have to ask, what year is this again?