Best Nutrition & Fitness Mobile Apps

By// Jessica Gaddis

We’re three weeks into 2013 and hopefully you haven’t already forgotten your health and wellness resolutions for this year. Don’t worry, if your will power is wearing thin, JET has a few nutrition & fitness mobile apps that will help put you back on track.

1. Fooducate

Don’t let the title fool you, this is not your traditional barcode scanner. Fooducate does much more than keep track of the products you’re buying, it shows you what they’re made of. This app gives nutrition facts,  tracks your progress and allows you to set nutrition goals. Use this app to find healthy alternatives to the products you usually purchase and before you know it you’ll be making better nutrition choices all on your own. Fooducate is not for diets, it’s for making diet changes.

Download the app here

2. RunKeeper

If you need to add more cardio to your workout regimen, RunKeeper is the best app to log everything from your brisk walks in the park to your 5k runs. RunKeeper uses the GPS in your phone to track your movement and it shows you “details around your pace, distance and time.” If you need some extra motivation, you also can opt to receive audio cues and coaching while you go.

Download the app here

3. Fleetly Fitness

Feeling a little competitive? Fleetly is a social fitness app that allows you to compete against your friends to add a little fire to your workouts. Earn points, track your progress, push yourself to reach your goals and earn some bragging rights along the way. Easily record your reps while you’re at the gym and find new exercises to add to your routine. You can also create your own workouts and employ the help of the built-in coach. Plus, this app works with RunKeeper, Nike+ and the online community.

Download the app here

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