Beauty of the Week Shares Tips For a Better Bottom

Our current Beauty of the Week, Briana Loyd, is an expert on staying fit while keeping your feminine curves. Her website,, specializes in just that with plenty of healthy eating and workout tips for beginners and pros.

Check out these pointers she gave for getting a better backside:

If you’re a slimmer girl and want a plumper bottom:

1. Make protein shakes a part of your daily diet.

2. Try squats with weights more than your body weight. The deeper your squat the better.

3. Jump squats

4. Lunges

If you’re already blessed with an ample backside but want to improve the shape:

1. Floor leg exercises

2. Lunges with weights

3. Squats with weights at least your body weight

4. Hop on the Stairmaster or climb a flight of stairs

Check out this video for how to do squats properly: